9. December 2021

LevelUp – Inclusive innovation!

With LevelUp, the traditional playground idea of towers and platforms is supplemented by innovative add-on components and inclusive play elements. The well-known playground concept in a modern design combines technical finesse with the usual high-quality standards and offers every playground planner new unexpected possibilities.

Countless connection elements such as slides, bridges and entry options are possible by the horizontal tubes and the polynode. In addition, both guarantee the modularity of the LevelUp play equipment with the already proven product groups. LevelUp offers space for imaginative play in which children at all stages of development will participate. Perhaps the children sail around the seven seas in a pirate ship, conquer a guarded castle or explore a lonely island.

Depending on the perspective, new organic alignments are created again and again by the seemingly randomly chosen tilted posts. This results in a wide variety of climbing landscapes for big or small climbing fans.

The posts are continuous and ensure the stability of the entire system. The patent pending Polynode clamp encloses the posts. By screwing the four parts of the Polynode together with a total of eight vandalism-proof TX-45 screws, the horizontal tubes and all possible add-on parts are positively connected.

Inclusion was a guiding approach in the development of LevelUp. Handles are installed as entry aids along with extra steps to compensate for height differences so physically impaired children can participate in the game.

The wall panels, which are located at ground level, can be equipped with play panels that support children in their motor or auditory development.

The patterns of the wall panels are manufactured by perforated plates, which are designed in different ways. The variously sized holes, created based on an image file, produce a three-dimensional effect on the walls.

However, customer-specific ideas can also be implemented. An integrated, printable sunshade rounds off the LevelUp play equipment.