Small Footprint. Huge Play Value.


Let IKO be the highlight of your playground. This investment involves no major planning, delivery is fast and installation straightforward. All tension points are based around a central onepoint tension system to ensure that no technical connecting elements or rope loops are located in the play space.

IKO is unbeatable in terms of play value: Swinging, seesawing, climbing and rocking – this is fun, excitement and adventure combined. IKO complies with the safety standard for playground equipment (ASTM F1487) and is certified by the TÜV Product Service. Our IKOs offer maximum climbing fun in three different sizes based on an Icosahedron. The large colorful spatial net offers plenty of room on a small footprint.

IKO offers

  • Highest quality – Made in the US and Germany
  • Maximum safety
  • 10 year warranty
  • Various colors available
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • For longevity, Berliner Cloverleaf Ring allows to replace single rope sections
  • Straightforward installation
  • Lower price point
  • No concrete foundation necessary
  • Great climbing fun on a small footprint
  • Maximum internal volume offering greater play capacity
  • Short lead time

1. Three different Sizes


2. Choose one of our favorite color themes.

Feel free to mix the colors of the different themes.

*US Special only available with the IKO M.



red Rope

Red (Rope)

mat grey aluminium

RAL 9007 Grey aluminium (Tubes)

mat grey aluminium

RAL 9007 Grey aluminium (Balls)



green Rope

Green (Rope)


RAL 1001 Beige (Tubes)

ochre brown

RAL 8001 Ochre Brown (Balls)



purple Rope

Lilac (Rope)

Melon yellow

RAL 1028 Melon yellow (Tubes)

water blue

RAL 5021 Water blue (Balls)


US Special

blue Rope

Blue (Rope)

carmine red

RAL 3002 Carmine red (Tubes)


RAL 9010 White (Balls)


Spooky Rookies