25. October 2019

What’s New?

We’d like to introduce our newest members of the Polygode family – Tetragode and Trigode!

Measuring up to 30′ -6″ in height, our central mast play structures provide an exciting challenge for climbers big and small alike. All of the Polygode models exhibit classic, architecturally influenced lines, and utilize Berliner technology to simplify installation and maintenance.

As its name suggests, the Tetragode extends from the central mast outwards in four directions to create its play space. Intersections where one rope terminates are secured by T-connectors. The tensioning system for all Polygode structures is housed in the foundation tubes. Not only does this protect them from dirt and moisture, but it also simplifies re-tensioning of the ropes – ensuring that surrounding impact protection material doesn’t need to be removed to gain access to the ropes.

A variety of add-ons, such as HDPE panels, rubber membranes, and the Crow’s Nest, offer areas of refuge in the otherwise see-through structures. Rubber membranes create spaces where children can lie down, transforming the play area into an inclusive space.

With its three anchor points, the Trigode provides an introduction to the exciting sensory world of spatial nets. Even the smallest children can enjoy the freedom of climbing on the lower level of ropes, while bigger children will enjoy climbing to the top!

Our central mast play structures can be directly interconnected in one of our Tetragode combinations. For example – the Tetragode 7461 is a combination of the Tetragode 6100 and Tetragode 7400 with Crow’s Nest.

The Tetragode 3854 is a combination of four Tetragodes 3850. Two anchor points on each Tetragode are replaced by a rope crossover section that joins it to the neighboring mast structures. The four combined masts create a unique playscape – complete with a rubber membrane in the center, which children can’t resist bouncing up and down or relaxing on.

Expansion Possibilities

All of our central mast structures make ideal standalone play structures – but if space permits, why not expand? For example – a Tetragode can be attached to another Tetragode; Terranos pieces, such as Access Nets and Hammocks, add accessibility and play value; a Suspension Bridge can be added to transition from a Tetragode over to a member of the Univers group, such as the Spaceball.

An overview of all details can be found in our new Polygodes Product Brochure.