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Amusement parks

Individual theme worlds, adventure playgrounds and climbing landscapes for your amusement park.

Whether in breathtaking heights, in magical theme worlds or at a stylish indoor playground – we turn your guests’ visit into a climbing experience. Be it as a counterbalance to a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park, as a theme world in a family park, jungle playground in the zoo or as an indoor highlight of your holiday park – speak to us about your ideas. We will help you make it a reality.

Our Berliner Creative Center, made up of architects, designers, landscape planners and engineers is capable of creating unique climbing landscapes for your theme or amusement park. Thanks to the modular system of our devices, there are endless ways to combine these. A wide range of attachment elements such as net tunnels, wobbly bridges, rapid tube slides or HDPE panels in individual themes make the climbing worlds something very special.

Theme worlds and adventurous playgrounds made of rope playground equipment motivate kids to exercise physically. They are thus a great supplement to the electric rides in theme parks or a long walk in the zoo.
You can find a selection of large implemented projects in the amusement park industry. Let yourself be inspired!

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Cosmodrome Genk

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Barra Cadabra in Porto Alegre

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Berliner Seilfabrik climbing potatoes at Karl's Kartoffelerlebniswelt

Karls potato crisp adventure world

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Karls Climbing Tower

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Greensboro, CombiNation of the Berliner Seilfabrik with 2 Neptun XXL

Greensboro Children’s Museeum

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Geoparc de Percé, Berliner indoor playground

Geoparc de Percé – an indoor playground of a special kind

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Climbing tower - Berliner Seilfabrik - Play equipment for life

Tower worlds

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Inclusive Playground in Bird Habitat in Phildadelphia

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