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Play equipment for the schoolyard that promotes heath and intelligence.

Favourite class: lunch! Promoting exercise in the schoolyard with rope play equipment.

“Climbing makes you healthy and smart!” – This statement has been proven by numerous studies. In an age of smartphones, game consoles and social media, it is important to design play equipment in a way that it is attractive for pupils to move again.

The play equipment by the Berliner Seilfabrik is especially suitable for the schoolyard. They are a great way to play away the tension and stress of the last lessons in a short amount of time so that the students can return refreshed and receptive. In addition, our rope play equipment promotes the physical, mental and social development of the pupils. They provide the ideal learning environment for children in any city to develop their self-assessment and risk skills, and encourage role-playing where social behaviour and communication skills can be trained. At the same time, the devices are particularly responsive to the interests of schools and teachers.

Our rope playground equipment for the schoolyard is characterised by the following features:

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versatile exercise options!

Whether climbing, dangling, balancing, jumping or swinging, low rope courses and three-dimensional net devices offer the entire spectrum of movement.

Maximum appeal!

The height of a spatial net and the versatility of the low rope courses offer exciting challenges for all age groups and ensure a maximum challenge character for pupils. When climbing, the students have important experiences regarding risk and self-assessment and their confidence is increased.

Great amount of play volume!

Spatial nets and low rope courses offer space for lots of children to move around at the same time. When playing together on ropes or rubber membranes, the pupils learn to show consideration, to help or to secure each other. This promotes the kids’ social competence in a playful way.

As safe as necessary!

Our play equipment is safe! They meet the requirements of Norm EN 1176 and are TĂśV certified. According to the norm, they imply a calculable degree of risk acceptance because it “gives children the opportunity to learn about hazards and their consequences in a controlled environment” (Cf. Norm)

Maximum transparency!

Thanks to the transparent structure of our rope play equipment, pupils can be seen from all sides while climbing. This makes teacher supervision many times easier than with massive playground equipment.

Sturdy and durable!

All metal parts are made of stainless steel, aluminium or are galvanised and powder-coated for long-term protection against corrosion. Thanks to a steel core and the sheathing of the outer strands with polyester yarn, all ropes have maximum abrasion resistance and are extremely resilient.

Easy maintenance!

Our AstemTT® tensioning system enables simple and uniform tensioning of the ropes in the three-dimensional net. The Berliner cloverleaf ring connects ropes at crossing points and does not require pressing or welding.


Flexible expandability!

Thanks to our modular system, our spatial nets and low rope courses can be combined at will and at any time. Thus the play area of your school can be individually extended at any time.

A selection of suitable playground equipment for the schoolyard can be found here.

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