7. March 2024

Donation – WaggaWagga for School in Hawaii

When we learned of the devastating fires in Lahaina, Hawaii in August 2023, we were deeply saddened. Due to our intensive cooperation with the Hawaiian schools, especially in recent years, the fate of the Maui community hit us particularly hard. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sympathy once again. The city of Lahaina has begun rebuilding in recent months. The children of the community should soon be able to attend school again. We would like to support them to make their new start easier, or rather, to move forward. Through an appeal for donations to our US partners, we were able to raise 5,000 dollars for Lahaina. For our part, we would like to give the school and especially the students a piece of playground equipment.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is working on a school project to serve as a replacement for King Kamehameha III Elementary School, which was destroyed in the fire. Classes for 600 students are expected to begin on April 1st. The school in Lahaina will be the first school in the world to receive our new WaggaWagga play equipment on its campus. We hope that the new playground with its many play features will bring joy and laughter to the school and its students.