Product Group: Classics

Climbing, rocking, hand-over-hand climbing and swinging, up and down, horizontally and vertically – net structures o er hours of fun and adventure on several levels. The original spatial nets, born almost 50 years ago as a play concept, continuously further developed in form and detail. Still popular even after several generations are our Univers Classics: 17 nets in different geometrical shapes, sizes and supporting constructions. With our flexible Frameworx space frame, we have achieved an optimal net volume, i.e. with the Spaceballs: Plenty of room for playing on a small area. All structures feature the innovative AstemTT tensioning system.

Product Group: Classics Add-on Components

A variety of add-on components for the Univers product line provides a large assortment of options to customize the play area for all age groups. The more options, the more challenging and engaging the play becomes! Add-ons such as hammocks, slides, ladders and bridges and many other exciting choices are available to keep children moving. Climbing, swinging, swaying and sliding all add up to children making decisions, socializing and taking healthy risks for their development. The components make it easy to modify your Univers structure to make it fit into a larger or smaller area, depending on your site plan. The add-on components can also expand the playground to be more accessible and inclusive. No matter what space is available, the additional components make your play area complete fun!

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