10. March 2020

The Episcopal School in Dallas, TX

The Episcopal School Project in Dallas,Texas is featured as a Project of the Month because of the innovative way that the play equipment work as a whole and as stand alone pieces to encourage the students to be active, relax and connect with friends.

The Episcopal School worked with the architectural firm who designed the school, Overland Partners, to update the play areas from the outdated play equipment as a part of their campus expansion and improvement project. The idea of a “Warrior Course” concept was the driving force for the design.The layout for the design was heavily influenced by a previous Berliner design used at a sister school in San Francisco, CA.

As you can see, the designers added a bonus when they designed this play ground. They included a DNA Tower.04, which allows for views from towering heights, Almost 20 feet of play up and down through the safety mesh panels in a contained play solution. Narrow mesh netting provides the necessary safety from the third level upwards. This results in a near see through design, which children find very inviting to climb, play and express an understated, almost industrial language of form. The stainless steel safety netting are in place to protect from falls and negate the need for protective surfacing.

This DNA tower is inclusive and accessible from not one,but two areas. The entry portal at the top of the DNA Tower was custom designed and built so that it is accessible for all children whether they are using mobility devices or not. Students challenged by mobility can now actually get inside this net structure, a story up from ground level and marvel at the feeling of being so high in the air! This allows all children to explore the limits of not only their imagination, but their physical limits as well. This custom entryway is secured from the DNA Tower to the landing using HDPE Panels and Berliner’s Rope Clamps for security, durability and peace of mind.

This Warrior Course is made up of a combination of Berliner’s Terranos/ Terranova components.This Berliner ropes course offers endless opportunities for students 5-12 to challenge themselves in every activity from racing up and down the ropes courses to maneuvering over an inverted suspended bridge and through tight corners and low obstacles.This course even elevates the beloved game of “Capture the Flag” with it’s second level course that allows for even more exploration and imagination.