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Compendium 10

The full line catalogue contains a big selection of products of all product lines until August 2018 including custom-made projects.


Tradition Reimagined


Heavy Playing Metal.


A Cool Add-On to Our Play Equipment

Over Easy

Easy learning!

Beetles Brochure

Bouncers Brochure

The Kids Bouncees are available in different Sizes. Round or square Shapes – something for every Design Concept.

Cloverwood Brochure

Wonderwalls Brochure


The Quadrifol

A spatial net suspended within a cupola.

Made for strong connections

Our unique components in close-up


Small Footprint. Huge Play Value.

Breathtaking Pla(y)ces

Projects in Collaboration with Landscape Architects

Favourite Subject: Recess!

Favourite Subject: Recess!

Provides concepts for schoolyards that promote physical activity, based on a profile of requirements for equipment in school playgrounds.


Unique adventure playgrounds, climbing and theme worlds e.g. for theme parks or zoos.

Inclusive Play

Inclusive Play

Provides resources and guidelines on how to create inclusive playgrounds.

Youngest Play Big!

Play and Climbing Equipment for the Youngest.