Product Group: Cosmo

The first totally spherical rope play structure offers exciting play options. Cosmo is a whole new round of fun in play equipment. Apart from the basic system, Cosmo stands out due to its many freely selectable add-ons and diverse play activities. For example, climbing nets and walls or the “banister” with its double curved tubes can be added all around. The curved tubes of the frame system are made of stainless steel, the connecting points of the space structure of powder coated cast aluminium.

Cosmo Overview
Cosmo S

Product Group: Cosmo Add-on Components

HDPE Kletterwand

HDPE climbing wall

Cosmo HDPE Kletterrampe

HDPE climbing ramp

Cosmo Rutschstange (nur Cosmo)

Sliding pole (for Cosmo)

Cosmo Anbaulement Einstiegsnetz

Access Net

Cosmo Anbaulement Banister


Cosmo Anbaulement Gummimatten


Cosmo Anbaulement Duck Jibe

Duck Jibe (only Cosmo)

Cosmo Anbaulement Netzwand

Net Wall

The curved tubes are available in different colors or stainless steel.