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Play and climbing equipment for toddlers.

Play Equipment for the Smallest Ones!

The early dexterity and psycho-motor development is important for the rest of life. It is important to support toddlers and young kids in this area. Since the legal right to child care was established, the demand for play equipment that is suitable for young-children, especially outdoors, has been growing via the new construction and expansion of child care facilities.

The Berliner Seilfabrik has numerous play equipment in its portfolio that are explicitly oriented on the needs of children in the child-care age group. These devices provide kids between the age of one to six a safe and comprehensive playing offers, in which they can train their social and motor skills.

Classic elements such as slides or swings are just as in demand as are the opportunity to include daily tasks such as climbing stairs, cooking or shopping and selling. Our playground equipment for day-care facilities are characterised by the following features:

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Playhouse and sensory elements

Playhouses offer the ideal space for role-playing games. In a playful way, language and social skills are promoted. Connected with sensory play elements, the receptivity and creativity is trained.


The slides are built in a way that small kids can reach them without outside help. Sliding promotes spatial perception and improves the sense of balance and coordination.


Climbing in a spatial net offers the chance gather initial experience in climbing in a three-dimensional space. This promotes spatial powers of imagination. Nets, ladders and steps offer different difficulty levels of climbing.


Merry-go-rounds with a low entry height allow even small children to play on their own. Turning with the help of play equipment generates a sensory stimulation that has a positive effect on balance and “sensing oneself”, i.e. the own body awareness.

Balancing and dangling

Balancing on ropes, wobbly walking or even crawling on rubber bridges or focused walks across a close-meshed net trains the sense of balance and hence prepares kids for the next developmental phases. Be it standing, walking, jumping or riding a bike.


Different swing seats ensure that kids get to swing no matter their current level of development. Swinging develops the physical awareness and feeling especially well and simultaneously strengthens and increases the motor skills.

These devices are ideally suited for small children

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